Milliways Survey Page (beta)

We supply our team knowledge to enable you. Below you find some links to surveys we currently perform to know and understand better what the market of BIM tools is about. All information supplied comes with absolutely no warranty by any of us. The information supplied here may be even wrong - In this case please inform us. The information may be incomplete - In this case please comment directly into the document. We are thankful for both and will surely react. Therefere all information provided hereby may be subject to change without prior notice.

Most of the information is provided in English. Some is provided in German, some in French. These circumstances are due to the team members currently working on the respective survey.

The structure of each specific survey is currently under discussion. At the moment we rather want more than less criteria columns - rather more than less information. Once we feel that we have reached a reasonable state of expertise we will provide the information to you by a more comfortable, graphical Web User Interface with the data in an underlying SQL-Database. For the moment please bear with the clumsy data format.

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